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How could they able to predict this man's details since he was a foreigner. His name is not easy to guess. So I will say, Nadi readings are true we never know where is our destiny. So better go try first then judge later. Is there anyone who has gone through shanthi chapter? Is it reliable? Do their remedies like poojas and yantras work?

I went to this place recently. They told me that I will face few problems in my work place.

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I didn't believe them because I was doing great there. But the things they said happened exactly like they said them to be. They also predicted some details about my future husband which was identical to the details of my ex bf.

I don't know if I meet a person who has same details of my ex again or what will happen in the future. I will have to wait and see. I visited this place. They correctly guessed certain basic info about me. However, they failed to guess my parents name or my name. After few unsuccessful attempts, they asked me to come on another day as they don't have my leaf with them.

My friend also came with me to check hers. After my incident, they said my friend also that they couldn't find her leaf as well, without even taking her inside. She was saw disappointed. We will see what will happen in the next day. I want to know my life. Please help me. How can I send my information to see my nadi readings.

I also still dont belive him.. Sura walata yanda one nehe dena shanthi karma tika karanda.

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  4. I need to go there could someone give direction and how to make an appointment. My brother went there in They said our parent's names, and all the family details correctly including my brother's job-Army Officer.

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    They've told about his future till he reaches 77 including his future wife's name and lot of details. But he died in because of war in the age of Though my bro paid thousands of rupees to them we lost him.

    Shri Kowsika Agasthiya Nadi Vakkya Astrological Bureau

    Can anybody give me the contact details of this place? How can I make an appointment?

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    Then you will be get together with her again Magic happens Any thing is possible in this world Nothing is permanent so anything can happen.. Did you give them a lot of details abt that girl in the first chapter.. They asked some informations but not all. They just wanted to ensure our details with their Thalpath.

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    Otherwise they will reading another one's details to you. So give them correct details what they asked from you. You could realize these are true or not after years. Leo Did you meet your ex girl friend again. To me they hold my ex boy friends details. Thats why I am asking. Has anyone tried online nadi reading? Is there any genuine place. Im trying to find a online nadi reading. I am in Sri Lanka until a few more days and try to contact you on the telephone but is not possible, can you get in touch with me, it is very important! Hi i went there But it never happened accurate age as they predicted.

    I went on October And then my brother went, they told his future wifes name and he will marry her in , surprisingly he got married last February and the wifes name was correct. Recently I became interested in nady wakya after reading about it in a paper. I would like to get a reading. Want to know wether it is true. All the information they have given about our past life is true. I went on February You have to listen them carefully. When you get the CD after your nadi reading time to time you have to rewine and listen with an analytical mind.

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    Because when they are doing translations some points may be expressed in different way. The other point is all of our family members father , mother, husband wife children and if possible some of the unmarried brothers sisters should be asked this reading. Forinstance future education of our children will be read through my nadi reading thalpath as well my husband's reading, my mother's and sometimes through other members of the family.

    This is a really wonderful place to visit if you are interested in Astrology and also if you are going through any problems. Once you hear their reading you will get goosebumps. I went there some years back. Most of the things they said that I would get and face in life became true up to now. Only few things didn't happen on the exact time. I think it happens because readings has been passed through generation to generation. There might be little mistakes, changes could have happened when translations are done.

    Go and experience it. You will realize the truth after years I went there in August All the details they said about me were correct. But I don't know about the future predictions. I asked about the marriage and they predicted series of names for my future partner. Can anyone tell me is that how they predict the future for you? It is very difficult to read, though it is nice coloue scheme. Math nadie wakya ahuwa mage wiwahaya gane ta 80 wage agolo mata kiyapu dewall hare mamath wisewasa karanawa. Kothalawala avenue, Bambalapitiya..

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