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It has been a work in progress - still is until the day of ascension. Contact us. Awa kin.

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The virtues increase. Until then living in the heart is just a concept. Once the heart center is open, it has the power to stop accidents on the road by your command.

Once I come to this state, and continue working on myself to face shadows that need releasing, I can live from the heart. When someone hurts me I stand up fearlessly without anger.

Rick Jarow - The Inner Economy

This means standing up to Corporate Vice Presidents and Managers who are abusing their power, lovingly and fearlessly,, without the fear of being fired stopping us. Living in the heart means, I feel the sadness about what did not work in my life.

Tales for the Dying: The Death of Narrative of the Bhagavata-Purana

I feel the sadness for the loss caused by my shadows. I feel sadness for the poverty and the corruption and I can cry. It also means I need to open my heart more to KNOW in by being that God is in charge and everyone is allowed their creation of drama and loss. It means I accept what is happening in my life, and the world and know I can manifest from my open heart quickly and I can change my reality in partnership with the Supreme Creator.

E.H. Rick Jarow: Inner Economy

I have gotten sucked into astrology and have held on to dates when my Saturn return will end, now I realize this has been very limiting. My unconscious mind has bought into the possibility of my life being the way the astrologer predicted, to some degree. What a limiting life it would be if all our lives unfolded in a cookie cutter model as predicted by our astrology, even the most skilled one.

I have stopped viewing astrology as a means to have hope. I have started consciously visualizing and manifesting what I want daily and I am positive this works. I set the intention I no longer need to be tied into the past limited experiences in my life and and that of others. I can now let go my beliefs to create a brill iant reality that has not been thought of before, or said in my horoscope.

In preparation for the Un-Job Fair at Colorado Free University , I am going to begin a series of blog posts on this topic to find ways to step-by-step move in the direction of our true calling, follow our bliss, and let the beauty we love be what we do every single day. The big day is only a little more than a month and a half away! To register, please visit the Colorado Free University website.

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