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Receiving The Hanged Man could indicate a major shift in perspective is coming this week. Alternately, it may mean that some sort of sacrifice is needed. The process The Hanged Man wants you to undergo in the days ahead may feel uncomfortable, but it can lead you to a much-needed release of negative past patterns that are no longer serving you.

What have you been holding onto and how have these beliefs held you back?

This week you're being encouraged to let go of them once and for all. The possibilities are truly endless for you right now!

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The 3 of Wands is signaling that you will have an abundance of opportunities to expand your horizons in some way. Look beyond your current circumstances for a moment and consider your future. What is it that you envision for yourself? Now is not the time to think small. Your potential is limitless, so take advantage of these opportunities as they present themselves to you.

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The greatest successes lie beyond your comfort zone. The 8 of Wands represents high energy and forward momentum, signaling a time of getting things done and making things happen. You might feel as though a lot is coming at you this week, and it could become difficult to figure out what you should pay attention to. Combat these distractions by homing in on a single goal and removing any distractions so you can focus on it. By using this energy to your advantage, you will turn this into a period of great productivity and progress.

You could find yourself committed to a new cause this week!

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The Hierophant is a card that represents belief systems, traditions, and institutions. You may have been feeling lost, aimless, and in need of direction. If you've been considering joining a new group, now is the time! Being surrounded by people of a similar mindset could offer you the type of community and support you've been missing.

So, go ahead and attend a book club, volunteer to work at a soup kitchen, or join other outdoor enthusiasts on a hike.

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You might just find what you've been missing. Has it felt like you've been shouldering the weight of the world? The 10 of Wands acknowledges an immensely heavy burden you've been carrying around.

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Personally I've spent a lot of time in consultation with various mediums, psychics and intuits of all sorts. Toggle navigation Tell My Tarot. Tell My Tarot. Let's Talk Tarot, Shall We? This your niche. The Eight of Swords and Six of Coins offer you a unique opportunity to bypass and overcome an obstacle in your life, simply by distracting yourself and focusing on helping someone else. The Nine of Swords reveals those private doubts and self-sabotaging thoughts which are plaguing you. And the good news is that they are unfounded, unnecessary and unwelcome, so you can show them the door!

Judgment shows this person is facing the end of the road in some way, or even maybe just finally coming to terms with something which ended a while back.

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You, of all the signs, know this innately. Put your powers to good use this week. You need to be flexible and you need support from others to re-balance the load so that you can carry what you HAVE to further.

Why continue dragging all of this yourself, when there are people better placed to share it out amongst? The sooner you delegate the burdens, the faster and better they can be delivered. Do yourself a big, big favour.

Well, this week, you need to temper and balance some of those swirling characteristics and settle on which one leads. The Devil and King of Wands show that the risk here is doing something spontaneous, without thinking it through.