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Its a shame the Pleiadians don't know about paragraphs - this is a large page with only 2 of them.

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Its association with Mayan calendars is due to the 33 "flames" correlating to the 33 numbers and day signs which combine to make the day Tzolk'in yes, it is also in What's New above. Mooncat's Astrology : N e ptune and Pluto are re-entering the Septile Phase that was active from to This current waxing Septile Phase will begin in earnest in and last until Neptune's position is also important, since it entered Aquarius in and leaves it in Magic Music Myth's special Enightenment Page: theories.

Something is Wrong With Our Sun: If you are male and spend alot of time looking at websites like this, then you may have heard your parents say this No, seriously, this is Kev Peacock's new eBook -see What's new above.

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Mayan Civilization - Year of Truth : An Italian site including 7 prophecies which are hard to disentangle. Other News:. Some of the free McKenna raves have now gone from the "Mcp3" page.

Sad News: John Stray, grandfather, linguist, translator of What's New item 34 , died this month, peacefully, surrounded by his family. When you see an animal, note where it is and what it is doing.

Your personal associations with an animal can be important to the message, or a smokescreen of fears and nostalgia. Animal messengers can have different meanings for different people. What you read on my pages is an invitation to explore more.

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  • You can request a particular animal write up! More are on the way!

    The Mountain Astrologer

    If the writing resonates with you, and you want to go deeper, consider getting a reading to clarify the message. Get a Reading! I would like to see a write up on a black panther.

    Even though its just a color variant of the Panthera species, you see black panthers in calendars, as tattoos, and as team mascots. Love the site.

    March’s Windy Full Moon | Earth Moon and Stars

    Thanks for the suggestion! Black Panther is definitely her own animal with a unique set of spiritual qualities. Mountain Lion or Cougar would be the most similar.