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Everyone has a desire to get settled with the real soul mate or the life partner who understands and share feelings in the relationship.

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The problem arises when you are unable to find the right person for yourself, it could be because of several reasons but the outcome is delay in marriage for months or years. Due to which the person exceeds the right age of getting married which results in remaining unmarried for his or her entire life or in some cases acute depression and low confidence.

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Conjunction of Sun, Saturn and Mars in 2nd house 7th house which is related to marriage inflicted by Saturn Debilitated Jupiter placed in Lagan House causes unexpected delays in marriage Combination of Sun, Saturn and Venus in 7th house. Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn either in 7th house marriage house or in Lagan House. Presence of Vish Dosh Saturn and Moon in 7th house.

Remedies for Delay in Marriage

See the chart below:. One can see that the fiery planets Mars and Sun are not only afflicting the 7 th house lord but are also aspecting the 7 th house.

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The native is unmarried at Sun placed in the 7thn house or Sun aspecting the 7 th house along with mars causes a delay in marriage. With the above examples, it should be clear that there are many factors which cause a delay in the marriage but Saturn sun and mars are the primary mischiefs.

Mars in 7 th or 8 th cause severe Manglik dosha too. These were some major details about the delay in marriage and its remedies and you may also like to read about The 7 vows of marriage.

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