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This is an open-source tool which traces the positions of the Sun, Earth and Moon over the course of each eclipse and traces the path of the Moon's shadow across the Earth's surface. It was written by the author and freely available for download from GitHub. It treats the Earth and Moon as ellipsoids with the same polar and equatorial radii which are also assumed by Fred Espenak's eclipse predictions.

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All eclipse predictions are made at sea level. The predictions here match those calculated by Xavier Jubier to within a few kilometers. Espanak, F. Latitude: Longitude: Timezone:.

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For more information including contact details, click here. Our privacy policy is here. Location: Mandya Once every 19 years, there's a long gap between total lunar eclipses; this occurs because of the geometry of the positions of the Earth, sun and moon. This means that the next total lunar eclipse won't happen until But there will be several other eclipses before then.

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The only other lunar eclipse of will take place on July 16, but North America will miss out on the show. Coincidentally, July 16 will also mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 , the first crewed mission to land on the moon. Then, will see four penumbral eclipses.

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  8. The term "penumbral" refers to a situation in which the moon just skirts into the lightest part of the Earth's shadow, meaning the eclipse is just barely visible. The first pair of these eclipses on Jan. Then, on Nov.

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    The long wait for another total blood moon eclipse will finally end on May 26, , when Asia, Australia and the Pacific will get a beautiful view, according to another NASA web page. That eclipse will happen at moonset in the Americas, so there won't be very much to see there.

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    North and South America will finally see a blood moon again on May 16, as will Europe and Africa. Helping to make up for the long wait, these regions will get a partial lunar eclipse a few months earlier, on Nov. Australia and Asia will also see the partial eclipse.

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    Of course, lunar eclipses aren't the only celestial shows in the next few years. We'll also see solar eclipses, which occur when the moon passes in front of the sun from the Earth's perspective.

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    4. NASA's website lists several occurring in the coming two years ; make sure to use specially designed solar-eclipse glasses to view the show.