January 17 eclipse horoscope

Longer wavelengths are red, and those are the ones that tend to get through the atmosphere; shorter wavelengths the yellow, green, blue and violet tend to be scattered more. If a person were standing on the moon, she would see a solar eclipse, and the Earth surrounded by a reddish-orange halo. This is when the total eclipse begins, and it will last for about 61 minutes; maximum eclipse, when the moon is deepest in the shadow of the Earth, will be at a.

At a. The red color will start to fade, and the shadow will start to look black once again. By a.

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The eclipse ends at a. For observers in Europe, the entire eclipse will be visible if one is in the British Isles, Portugal, Norway, much of Sweden, the northern half of Finland, or western Spain. The eclipse will start later in the night, in the wee hours of Jan.

Lunar Eclipse Prelude January 18th 19th & 20th 2019 - True Sidereal Astrology

In Lisbon, for example, the moon touches the umbra at a. Sunrise, meanwhile, is at a. As one moves east, the moon will set before the penumbral part of the eclipse ends.

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For example, in Paris, the moon sets at a. For those in the western reaches of the U. In Los Angeles, for example, the moon starts to look dark on Jan. The only part of the U. But what does this do, and why does it have such an ominous name??? In astrology, eclipses press the skip button on life and compel you to make a ton of progress in a short amount of time by introducing new information, projects, and relationships through circumstances you have no control over.

This turns your world on its head until you adapt to the changing circumstances and move forward. Solar eclipses are happier and provide new opportunities, while lunar eclipses are more emotional and quiet, symbolizing the end of a cycle or some form of loss that makes room for whatever comes next.

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Since February of , there have been eclipses cycling through the signs of Leo and Aquarius back-to-back. Eclipses always happen in pairs, usually between sister signs, AKA opposite signs, like Leo and Aquarius. Each set of eclipses revolves around a central theme or axis—in Leo and Aquarius, the eclipses brought your attention to your sense of self vs. There have been eight eclipses in this cycle so far, with this final lunar eclipse being the ninth. The first set of eclipses in February brought drama and confusion to your relationships.

Fast forward to that August and the next set of eclipses including the first total solar eclipse in about years , which urged you to ask your place in the big picture. January brought the next couple of eclipses, which focused on your private self vs. You were made aware of self-imposed restrictions that you set in order to fit in with the crowd or stay in relationships that no longer served you , and were called to step into a more sincere lifestyle and accept yourself.

January Eclipse Astrology | Jessica Adams

Core material about the timeline of Eclipse effects can be found in the article, The Solar Eclipse - What It Means and Its Effect On Our Life, as well as many other elements of what we can expect from these recurring celestial events. Links to recent eclipses are at the bottom of this article. While eclipses shut down some elements in the area of life house in which they fall, this is needed for growth, since we must bring some things to an end if we are to embrace newer, better ways of doing our Being.

No Astrological event need be "bad," or have "evil" effects, regardless of whether we're using Vedic, Chinese, Western, or any other approach to figuring out cycles within "All-That-Is. No matter where an Eclipse falls, we can turn it to good.

Favorable ways to use Eclipse energies can be seen by the aspects in eclipse charts as they impact our natal and progressed planets. And because time is an unbroken continuum, we can anticipate what is ending and let it go with grace and a sense of surrendering to a greater life in the becoming. The choices we make at crucial astrological junctures bring pleasurable or painful circumstances, depending on what we need to learn. These choices are directly related to how evolved our planetary responses are.

It is up to us to determine whether our Moon, Sun, Mercury or any other natal planet involved in eclipses, "bad" aspects, and configurations manifests productively or non-productively. This Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius-Leo over the next few months will lead us to some unexpected and dramatic eruptions of heart energy, or creativity, expressed in visions of a greater collective work or group effort. With Mars making a quintile and tredecile with the Eclipse, this one will bring extraordinary blessings of unique and individualizing circumstances over the next few months!

January 12222 Eclipse Astrology

More on this and other aspects in future articles. Though there are always endings associated with any Eclipse, these open the space we need to align with Spirit in natural and productive ways. Take a new look to see what really matters and what you do and do not want to bring with you into the new world opening before your very eyes. Enthusiasm, spontaneity, creative self-expression, and taking an honest look at how to mobilize to get things done will be good ways to use this eclipse.