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Why stop at a mani and pedi when you can get a body scrub and massage too? This is the week to say yes to the alluring scents of lavender and rosemary. Take the self-care game a notch higher, Gemini. This could be the secret to breaking out of the vicious cycle of co-dependent relationships.

Even the most committed relationships come with their own set of trials and tribulations. What is this equation bringing your attention to? Is the lack of communication posing as your biggest problem?

Allow yourself to talk about the tough stuff, knowing that somebody who truly loves you would never make you feel judged in any way. You matter, Cancer, so do your opinions. The more you allow yourself to stand in your power, the more you will be respected. This could be a particularly challenging time for you, given how much responsibility you are struggling with.

Transition periods are seldom easy, Leo.

But you always have the option to reach out for help when the going gets tough. Those of you who have been going through a rough patch, trust that hope and healing are close at hand.

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Be as patient with yourself as you are with the other. So comfortable that you stop making an effort? This is the season to channel your inner Julia Roberts and embark upon your own Eat, Pray, Love journey. Hope and healing are on the cards, Libra. Librans who have been yearning to be in the arms of their beloved, this is the time to dissolve the distance.

Consider giving live-in relationships a shot. Should you really be trusting a stranger this much? Tread carefully, Scorpio. Getting emotionally invested at this point is likely to leave you heartbroken.

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This will give you enough time to assess the strength of your bond. Embrace the idea of spending time alone.

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Your soul family promises to be your strength at this point. Give these bonds the nurture they deserve. Yearly Cancer horoscopes for cover Cancer yearly love predictions for romance too. Explore your relationship astrology for , and you'll find all the love and romance predictions you want. Free Cancer love horoscope forecasts and yearly relationship astrology predictions for are coming available every day now! Well known for being gentle, nurturing and defensive, Cancers are very self-protective and rather emotional, being ruled by the Moon.

They are kind, sympathetic and loving. However, this can become overly emotional and clingy. Cancerians will do what they must to protect their homes and their loved ones, which they treasure. Like Taurus, they are very security oriented and can be quite matter of fact and to the point, which may leave their partner confused.

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This is because they are soft but tough when they feel it is appropriate. They're practical and sentimental and can swing from darker moods to romantic fantasy. They are fiercely loyal. On the shadow side, Cancer can go to extremes in giving and not receive from others properly.

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They can be sulky or indulge in self pity, harboring imagined slights. They can lose sight of things when caught up in causes or allegiances they overcommit themselves to. In relationships, Cancer may seem shy at first as they find their place and bearings, but they are very sweet and characteristically unassuming. They blend in after their initial withdrawal as people find something almost familiar about them. If you like reading our free Cancer love predictions, Cancer romantic forecasts and relationship predictions for Cancer, come back soon for your brief outlook or in-depth overview!

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